Pensée pour ce matin:

It is written:

“Hanokh walked with God, and then he wasn’t there, because God took him.”         (Genesis 5:24)

Do two people travel together without having so agreed? (Amos 3:3). By the Grace of ADONAI (YHWH), the G-d of Isra’el, our G-d, we can now walk with Him by the reconciliation through His Beloved Son, the “Jewish Messiah Yeshua”, our Lord.

In our union with Yeshua the Messiah, our Lord, to walk with ADONAI (YHWH), our G-d is to set HIM always before us, and to act as those that are always under His eye.

It is to live a life of communion with ADONAI (YHWH) as our ELOHIM, as our One and Only True G-d, both in ordinances and providences.

It is to make ADONAI (YHWH)’s Torah our Rule and His Glory our end in ALL our actions.

It is to make it our constant care and endeavour in everything to please Him, and nothing to offend Him.

It is to comply with His Will, to concur with His designs, and to be workers together with Him through our union with Yeshua the Messiah, our Lord.

It is to be Followers of the “Jewish Messiah Yeshua”, our Lord, as ADONAI (YHWH)’s dear children.

Let us act from a principle, and make our union with “the Jewish Messiah Yeshua” our choice. Let us persevere to the end, and walk through our union with the Messiah Yeshua, with ADONAI (YHWH), the G-d of Isra’el, His G-d and Father, our G-d, while we live, as one that Hopes to Live forever with Him.

Walking in union with Yeshua the Messiah pleases ADONAI (YHWH), our G-d; through that union, we are ALL, Jews and non-Jews, His People, His “Spiritual Isra’el”. HE OWNS us now.

In our union with His Beloved Son, Yeshua the Messiah, ADONAI (YHWH), our G-d, has given us a new heart and put a new Spirit inside us; He took the stony heart out of our flesh and gave us a heart of flesh.

Yes, ADONAI (YHWH), our G-d, put His Spirit (The Ruach HaKodesh) inside us and causes us to live by His Torah, respect His rulings and obey them; as we are His People, and He is our G-d.

REMEMBER: We cannot walk with ADONAI (YHWH), our G-d, so as to please Him, but by Faith in His Beloved Son, the “Jewish Messiah Yeshua”, our Lord.

Let us be found in union with Him, not having any righteousness of our own based on legalism, but having that Righteousness which comes through the Messiah’s Faithfulness, the Righteousness from G-d based on TRUST.

“SHALOM ALEIKHEM !” to ALL, Jews and non-Jews, who belong to the Jewish Messiah Yeshua, our Lord.


About Jacques Guillard

It is not that I have already obtained it or already reached the goal — no, I keep pursuing it in the hope of taking hold of that for which the Messiah Yeshua took hold of me.
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