Pensée pour ce matin:

It is written:

“When Avram was 99 years old Adonai appeared to Avram and said to him, “I am El Shaddai [God Almighty]. Walk in my presence and be pure-hearted.” (Genesis 17:1)

In our union with Yeshua the Messiah, our Lord, let us walk in the Presence of ADONAI (YHWH), His God and Father, and be pure-hearted; as YHWH is our El Shaddai [God Almighty].

ADONAI (YHWH), the God of Isra’el, our God, is a God that is enough:

He is enough in Himself; He is self-sufficient; He has everything, and He needs not anything.

ADONAI (YHWH), our God, is enough to us, if we are in Covenant with Him through a union with His Beloved Son, the “Jewish Messiah Yeshua”, our Lord. By Faith in the Messiah Yeshua, we enter into “The Everlasting Covenant” with ADONAI (YHWH), the God of Isra’el, to be our God, and (as the Jewish writers express it) are gathered under the wings of the Divine Majesty.

We have ALL in Him, and we have enough in Him, enough to satisfy our most enlarged desires, enough to supply the defect of everything else, and to secure to us a happiness for our immortal souls.

It is ADONAI (YHWH), our God, who is assigning our portion, our cup; who safeguard our share (Psalm 16:5); whom do we have in heaven but Him? And with Him, we lack nothing on earth (Psalm 73:25).

In our union with Yeshua the Messiah, our Lord, let us walk before ADONAI (YHWH), His God and Father, our God, in our integrity; let us set Him always before us, and think, and speak, and act, in everything, as those that are always under His eye.

Let us have a constant regard to His Torah as our rule, for those who Obey ADONAI (YHWH)’s Precepts shall have the Comfort of ADONAI (YHWH)’s Promises.

May ADONAI (YHWH)’s will be not only a law to us, but a reason to live to His Glory as our end in all our actions. LET US BE ENTIRELY FOR HIM!

ADONAI (YHWH), Respect those who Respect Him, but those who despise Him will meet with contempt.” (1 Samuel 2:30)

May ADONAI (YHWH), our God, teach us HIS WAY, so that we can live by HIS TRUTH; May He makes us single-hearted, so that we can fear His Name.

As for me I will Thank ADONAI (YHWH), the God of Isra’el, my God, with my whole heart; and I will Glorify His Name FOREVER. For His Grace toward me is so great! He has rescued me from the lowest part of Sh’ol by bringing me into union with His Beloved Son, “The Jewish Messiah Yeshua”.

“Barukh Atah Ha-shem, Elokaynu, Melekh Ha-Olam. Blessed are You, ADONAI our God, Ruler of the Universe.”



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About Jacques Guillard

It is not that I have already obtained it or already reached the goal — no, I keep pursuing it in the hope of taking hold of that for which the Messiah Yeshua took hold of me.
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