Pensée pour ce matin:

It is written:

“I am bringing my justice nearer, it is not far away; my salvation will not be delayed, I will place my salvation in Tziyon for Isra’el my glory.” (Isaiah 46:13)

Israel and the Jews, have been long under the hammer, long in the furnace, but are not broken.

YHWH, the Elohim of Isra’el, our Elohim and our Father, is a G-d of Restoration, and He does not only Renew Spiritually, He also Renew Physically.

YHWH glories in His Israel; and He will be glorified in the Salvation He designed to work out for them; it shall redound greatly to His Honour.

The Isra’el of YHWH, is for Jews and non-Jews who are Redeemed, not with silver and gold, but with the precious blood of His Beloved Son the “Hebrew and Jewish Messiah Yeshua”, our Lord.

YHWH, the Elohim of Isra’el, our Elohim and our Father, will place Salvation in Tzyion, that is, He will make Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) a place of safety and defence to all those who will plant themselves there; thence shall Salvation go forth for Isra’el His Glory.

Rejoice with all your heart, daughter of Tziyon! Shout out loud, daughter of Yerushalayim! Look! Your King is coming to you again, but this Time not riding on a donkey like he did the first time. He is Righteous, and He is Victorious.  He will turn away ungodliness from Ya‘akov!

Just as many were appalled at him, because he was so disfigured that he didn’t even seem human and simply no longer looked like a man, so now Yeshua HaMashiach will startle many nations; because of him, kings will be speechless (Isaiah 52:14-15).

ISRAEL  may  the Name of YHWH be on your  people FOREVER!

 ‘Y’varekh’kha Adonai v’yishmerekha. May YHWH Bless you and Keep you.

Ya’er Adonai panav eleikha vichunekka.  May YHWH make His face shine on you and show you His favour.

Yissa Adonai panav eleikha v’yasem l’kha Shalom.  May YHWH lift up His face toward you and give you Peace.

SHABBAT SHALOM to all ISRAEL! YHWH, the Elohim of Isra’el, our Elohim and our Father will do ALL He had Promised; not one Word that He has spoken will be left unfulfilled; we can TRUST in YHWH’s Faithfulness, Power and Mercy now and in the days to come.



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About Jacques Guillard

It is not that I have already obtained it or already reached the goal — no, I keep pursuing it in the hope of taking hold of that for which the Messiah Yeshua took hold of me.
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