Pensée pour ce matin:

It is written:

“For you have been delivered by grace through trusting, and even this is not your accomplishment but God’s gift. You were not delivered by your own actions; therefore no one should boast.” (Ephesians 2:8-9 Complete Jewish Bible)

The Grace that Saves us, Jews and non-Jews, is the FREE undeserved Goodness and Favour of YAHWEH, the Elohim of Isra’el, the KING of the Universe; He Saves us through Faith in His Beloved Son, the Hebrew and Jewish Messiah Yeshua, by means of which we come to partake of the Great Blessings of His “Spiritual Isra’el”.

Both that Faith and that Salvation on which it has so great an influence are the Gift of YAHWEH, the Infinite Creator of the Universe, our Elohim and our Father.

The great objects of Faith are made known by Divine Revelation, and made credible by the testimony and evidence which YAHWEH has given us. The fact that we believe to Salvation and obtain Salvation through Faith is entirely owing to Divine assistance and Grace; YAHWEH has ordered ALL so that the whole shall appear to be of Grace.

Our Spiritual Life results from our union with the Hebrew and Jewish Messiah Yeshua; it is in union with him that we live: “Because I live, you too will live” (John 14:19).

We who were buried are raised up with the Messiah Yeshua and seated with him in Heaven, in order to exhibit how infinitely rich is YAHWEH’s Grace, how great is His Kindness toward us who are united with the Messiah Yeshua (Ephesians 2:6-7).

What remains yet to be done is here spoken of as though it were already past, though indeed we are raised up in virtue of our union with Yeshua Ha-Mashiach whom YAHWEH has raised from the dead.

When YAHWEH raised the Messiah Yeshua from the dead, He did in effect raise up ALL Believers, Jews and non-Jews, together with him, Yeshua being our common Head.

As Jews and non-Jews Believers in the Messiah Yeshua, we are not only Yeshua’s Freemen, but we are assessors with him; by the assistance of YAHWEH’s Grace we have ascended with Yeshua above this world to converse with the “Spiritual Isra’el”, and we live in the constant expectation of it.

We are not only servants to the Best of Masters in the Best work, but we are exalted to reign with him; we will sit upon the throne with the Messiah Yeshua, as he has sat down with his Father on his throne (Revelation 3:21).

For you who are reading this blog, may the Goodness of YAHWEH in Converting and Saving us, sinners, be a proper encouragement to you to Hope in His Grace and Mercy, if it is not already done.

As for us, Jews and non-Jews Believers in the Messiah Yeshua, may we ALWAYS remember that we are of YAHWEH’s making, created in union with the Messiah Yeshua for a “Life of good actions” already prepared by YAHWEH for us to do; let us walk in them, and Glorify YAHWEH, our Elohim and our Father, by our perseverance in holiness through our union with Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, our Friend and Master.

 “SHALOM ALEIKHEM!” to ALL the Isra’el Family, consisting of those who have been set apart, Jews and non-Jews, by Yeshua  the Messiah and called to be YAHWEH’s holy people.  Let us Glorify YAHWEH for Blessing us with the knowledge of His will, and with the assistance of the Ruach HaKodesh (His Spirit), for producing such a change in us.



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About Jacques Guillard

It is not that I have already obtained it or already reached the goal — no, I keep pursuing it in the hope of taking hold of that for which the Messiah Yeshua took hold of me.
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