Pensée pour ce matin:

It is written:

 “Give thanks to Adonai! Call on his name! Make his deeds known among the peoples.”       (1 Chronicles 16:8 Complete Jewish Bible)

Yes, let us Give Thanks to YAHWEH, the Elohim of Isra’el and the KING of the Universe! Call on His Name! Make His deeds known among the peoples.

Let us sing to Him, sing Praises to Him! Talk about ALL His wonders: as trough His Beloved Son, the Hebrew and Jewish Messiah Yeshua, our Friend and Master, we have received, Jews and non-Jews Believers in the Messiah Yeshua, an unshakeable Kingdom! Halleluyah!

May YAHWEH, our Elohim and AVINU SHE-BA-SHAMAYIM (Heb. אָבִינוּ שָׁבַּשָׁמַיִם; “Our Father in Heaven”), be Glorified in our Praises; let His Honour be the centre in which ALL the lines meet.

Let us, Jews and non-Jews Believers in the Messiah Yeshua, Glorify YAHWEH, his Elohim and Father, by our Thanksgivings, by our Prayers. YAHWEH is “The Great Elohim, and Greatly to be Praised” (1 Chronicles 16:25), the SUPREME G-d (above all gods), The ONE and ONLY TRUE G-d, for all others gods of the peoples are nothing, just idols (1 Chronicles 16:26).

Now for us Believers in the Messiah Yeshua, let us remember His Covenant FOREVER, the Word He commanded to a thousand generations,  the Covenant He made with Avraham; the oath he swore to Yitz’chak and established as a law for Ya‘akov, for Isra’el as an “EVERLASTNG Covenant” (1 Chronicles 16:15-17) and Pray for Israel as YAHWEH is orchestrating the Complete Redemption of Israel, and its Restoration.

YAHWEH, Elohim of Isra’el and AVINU MALKENU (Heb. אָבִינוּ מַלְכֵּנוּ; “Our Father, our King”), make Your Name Great among the nations; let them see Your Promises to Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov come to pass, as well as the Great Prophecies of Your Word throughout the Bible.

Draw their hearts together to Revere and Venerate Your Name and to observe ALL the precepts of Your Torah, and lift the veil off their hearts through Faith in Yeshua Ha-Mashiach.  Yes, Reveal Your Beloved Son, the Hebrew and Jewish Messiah Yeshua, to Your People.

Rock and Redeemer of Israel, Bless the Land of Israel. Shield it with Your Loving Kindness, envelop it in Your Peace, and bestow Your Light and Truth upon its leaders, ministers, and advisors, and Grace them with Your good counsel.

Continue to restore the fortunes of Your Land, and bring prosperity and Supernatural Protection to Israel.

Strengthen the hands of those who defend our holy Land, grant them Deliverance, and adorn them in a mantle of Victory. Ordain Peace in the Land and grant its inhabitants Eternal Happiness.

Manifest Yourself in the splendor of Your boldness before the eyes of all inhabitants of Your world, and may everyone endowed with a soul affirm that YAHWEH, the Elohim of Isra’el, is KING and His Dominion is ABSOLUTE.

In the Name of Yeshua. AMEN forevermore.

“SHALOM ALEIKHEM!” to ALL the Isra’el Family, consisting of those who have been set apart, Jews and non-Jews, by Yeshua  the Messiah and called to be YAHWEH’s holy people. Blessed be YAHWEH, the Elohim of Isra’el, the Elohim of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov, our Elohim, from eternity past to eternity future!



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About Jacques Guillard

It is not that I have already obtained it or already reached the goal — no, I keep pursuing it in the hope of taking hold of that for which the Messiah Yeshua took hold of me.
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